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Put the ART in PART Y!


Kids' Birthday Groups! We will set up and provide all supplies for you, then the kids have fun painting pottery! Parties will have one table with seating and table space for the number of painters, chairs without table space are provided for a limited amount of non-painters. Groups must stay at their designated table to avoid additional table charges ($20/hr per additional table used). A snack food table is available for an additional cost of $20 for up to 20 people, $40 for 21-40 people. Catored and hot food may have additional charged based on the amount of table space you will nened. Drinks are welcome for no additional charge when you take your drink containers with you (trash/recycling cans are available at the outside city street corners) or pay a small charge and we will take care of disposing of your beverage containers.

Youth Parties at The Mud Room:

Kids' Birthday Parties and other fun groups at The Mud Room: Reserve a table for the number of painters you will have and set your budget by the cost of the pottery pieces you choose that day! Items start at $14 and up with all tax and studio time included in that cost
A Finger print keepsake birthday plate with your choice of custom design painted by the Mud Room staff is available for a reduced cost of $35 for the custom art plus the cost of the pottery you choose for the birthday keepsake item (bowl, tile, mug, etc may also be used)
Bringing Food or drink is $20 for group of 20 or less. Non disposible drink containers are welcome at no additional charge: Drinks are welcome at no additional charge when you take your drink containers with you and dispose of them yourself (Trash and recycling cans are on the outside street corners) If you are bringing food/snacks you MUST provide plates for your group, napkins may not be used as plates.
Guests may bring decorations and set up 15 minutes beforehand (Any balloons must be helium filled)
Pottery pieces will stay in the studio for clear glaze and firing, and must pick up together, we will box and package the items for easy pick up.
***Inventory changes daily, the only way to guarantee an item is to pre-order at least 6 weeks before the last business day before the party

Groups and Parties

Parties for Adults or mixed age groups:

Cost of pottery item includes all firing fees, studio charges, and sales tax, there is no addtional cost outside of the cost of the item!
Easily set your budget by the cost of the items you choose that day (starting at $14)
Non-painters staying in studio with your group are $14 ea. (Exception: a designated number of non-painters will be allowed for young kids' groups, number of non-painters allowed at no charge will be determined upon booking)
Unlimited color choice and use of supplies
Snack food charge is $20 for up to 20 people: you may bring snack food and drinks, Mud Room staff will dispose of the food and drink trash, hot food or delivered / catered food will have additional charge based on number of guests that day. Guests must stay at designated party tables to avoid additional table charge of $20/hr per table. Guests may bring decorations (All balloons must be helium filled) and set up 15 minutes prior.
Finished pieces stay in the studio for firing and must be picked up together, we will package and box the items for pick up

(We have discounted pre order packages for 30+ painters! When you order 6 or more weeks in advance! (Shipping is taking over twice as long as it use to) You can still book a group, even the day before the event, but we cannot offer a group discount without a pre-order)

Groups and Parties


Contact us if you have a group of 20+

painters to find out about possible discounts for groups paying together during our business hours! We can only offer discounts to large groups at this time but you can set your budget easily by the pottery piece that you choose! The price of the item includes: painting, supplies, glaze firing, and sales tax, there is no addtional cost outside of the cost of the item, what you see is what you pay, with pottery as low as $14 with all studio time, firing charges, and tax included - no additional cost other than the item cost!

Special rates are available for Pre-order packages of 30+ (6 weeks notice required to recive maximum discount, 6 weeks notice to avoid rush shipping cost)

***For Party Packages and Discounted Rates: Must schedule in advance; deposit required to receive discounted rate. Group rate may not be used in combination with any other discounts. Standard Group discounts are not available for groups booked before or after hours. Special further discounted packages are available for groups of 50 or more outside of open hours when scheduled at least 6 weeks in advance.

Groups and Parties

Field Trip Packages for Schools and Civic Groups of 20+ Painters - Ages 3-18

3-4 inch Flat Shape (ornaments): Cost quote on booking
4" Tile (square): Cost quote on booking
6" Tile (square): Cost quote on booking
***Each Package includes up to 20 pieces for up to 20 painters. The Mud Room Staff will add child name and year to pottery before firing
Choice of 6-8 colors (red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, brown and black)
$40 room fee per hour for groups scheduled before or after hours
Cost of package is due on booking at least 3 weeks before the event to avoid rush shipping chrages, package cost is non-refundable upon cancellation or no-show.
Availability of pieces tbd upon booking
Finished pieces must be pick up together, we will box the items for easy pick up. Child name and year will be added to bottom of pottery pieces

***Custom packages available to fit any budget, all size groups welcome! We have take home pottery kits and tie dye too! Save 25% by purchasing pottery only and take home to paint with your own acrylics! (Acrylics are great for decrative items but will not be shiney or foodsafe and cannot be fired) Call or email to create your custom package*** MUST be arranged in advance, pre-pay required

Clay Workshops for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and School Groups: Call or email to schedule

Earn your pottery badge with these fun projects!
Step-by-step Clay Project: $35 ea. - Coil vases, slab leaf bowls, animal wall hangers, clay animals, and more
Discount for 20 + participants - $32 each
Clay Workshop groups must be scheduled in advance with $60 deposit, non refundable upon cancellation or no-show
Workshop includes clay, instruction, and bisque firing
Clay requires slow drying time for sucess in the firing process up to 8 weeks
Come back to paint your piece with glaze and have it glaze fired for $10 or take home as-is and paint with acrylic paint
Groups not planning to paint with glaze must pick up bisque altogether
Bisque pieces may be brought back individually for glaze painting and firing
We are sorry, but due to high shipping costs we are not selling clay at this time.
***We do not currently offer glaze or bisque firing of pieces made outside the Mud Room. Please check back after the new year for potential firing of outside pieces.

Group Events and Parties for Adults

Book your next party or event at The Mud Room and have a blast creating memories together!

Reasons to throw your party at The Mud Room:

  • Bridal/Baby Showers
  • Church Groups
  • Family Reunion
  • Office Parties/ Team Building
  • PTA Groups/ School Fundraisers
  • Birthdays
  • Holiday Parties
  • Sorority/ Fraternity Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Scout Troops
  • Volunteer Organizations

The Mud Room specializes in event planning for any occasion. Our studio can accommodate up to 60 adults. Additional cost for bringing food

Reserve the entire studio during non-open hours or The Mud Room can come to you with our Mobile Studio! Feel free to give us a call for more detailed information.

Church Groups

Add a little twist to your group by meeting at The Mud Room. Enjoy your typical meeting while painting a piece of pottery or pick up a take-home package for your VBS group!

Groups and Parties

Office Parties/ Team Building

Give yourself and your co-workers a break by scheduling an office party at The Mud Room. The stress-free, relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to forget about deadlines. Everyone could personalize a business card holder, what a great team builder!

Volunteer Organizations

The Mud Room welcomes community organizations of every kind to have to opportunity to create a custom work of art. Feel free to inquire about how The Mud Room can accommodate the needs of your organization. See our fundraising page for creative ways to raise money for your group!

Scout Troops

The Mud Room is pleased to participate in the tradition of earning Scout Badges. We offer classes that enable each member to receive her/his pottery merit badge. Call or email today for more specific information about bringing your scout troop to the Mud Room! You will be amazed by your troops’ creativity!

Groups and Parties

What a talented Troop!

Family Reunion

Bring the family to The Mud Room and guarantee memories that will last a lifetime. There is no better way to remember quality family time than a hand-painted keepsake. Have all the kids make a hand print tile! Make Grandma a special hand print platter!

Groups and Parties

Johnson Family Reunion 2011

Corporate Events

Having problems deciding where to hold your next corporate event? Why not The Mud Room!! Get away from the ordinary and create something unique!

Holiday Parties

Get into the holiday season without the hustle and bustle. Invite friends and family to celebrate in style while creating one-of-a-kind gifts for those special people on your holiday list. All functional dinnerware can be used in the microwave, oven, and dishwasher!

Sorority Events

Have the Mud Room come to your house with our Mobile Studio and every sister can paint a jewelry box for their room! Customize your pieces with your sorority emblem! Or spice up your Mom’s weekend with some quality creative time. You can each make something for each other!

Groups and Parties

Go Chi O!

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