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The Mud Room Classes

The Mud Room offers a variety of classes including Pottery Wheel Throwing Lessons, Kids' Classes, and Adult Classes.


2016 Pottery Wheel Lesson Packages - REGISTER NOW AND SAVE 25%!!
Great for kids and adults

To Register: Call 573-441-1683 ~ email ~ or come in.
Register now and receive 25% off your total package cost!
Classes can be scheduled at registration or at a later date. All classes must be scheduled before Nov. 4th. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable and due upon registration (we will not issue store credit for cancellations and no-shows). Credit/debit fees apply per transaction ($1.50 for tickets less than $50, 3% of tickets $50 or more) ~ We accept checks.

Schedule classes from August 1st to November 4th
~In August: Mondays-Thursdays between 11am-2pm, Saturday and Sunday 3pm-6pm
~In September: Tuesday-Friday between 11am-2pm, Saturday and Sunday 3pm-6pm
~In October: Tuesday-Fridays between 11am-4pm, Saturday and Sundays 3pm-6pm
~November 1st-4th: Between 11am-2pm

Choose from packages listed below, custom packages are also available. All packages include instruction, supplies, and bisque firing. Glazing is not included in the package cost. Introductory lessons are also available for one or two people. Packages may be scheduled for one or two people at a time, packages are priced per person. Lessons last about an hour

The FUNdamentals of Pottery Wheel Throwing - 3 lesson package - $240/$180 with 25% off registration!
1st lesson: Making a Bowl - Centering and learning the basic steps of wheel throwing
2nd lesson: Pulling up - gaining more height while making a mug
3rd lesson: Make a Vase - How to control shaping plus attaching a handle to your mug

Make your own Tea Set - 4-5* lesson package - $500/$375 with 25% off registration! Includes instruction to make 2 cups with handles, sugar bowl, tea pot, and creamer dish. Intro lesson is recommended for this project, but not required. The classes for this package may last up to 80 min
1st lesson: 2 cups (plus intro lesson if needed)
2nd lesson: Make a Sugar bowl with lid and attach handles to mugs
3rd lesson: Creamer dish, teapot and lid
4th lesson: Attaching handles for creamer and teapot and making a spout
*5th lesson: Only if needed for attaching pieces, 5th lesson does not include a throwing session

Advanced forms plus the basics - 8 Lessons - $650/$485 with 25% off registration!
1st Lesson: Fundamentals and centering, the key to all forms, make a bowl
2nd Lesson: Shaping and Trimming a larger bowl on the Wheel, centering with a larger amount of clay, techniques for shaping and using wooden tools for trimming on the wheel.
3rd Lesson: Shaping a Mug, pulling up
4th Lesson: Trimming with metal tools and attaching handles
5th Lesson: Vase, part 1, more about pulling up and gaining height
6th Lesson: Vase, part 2, more on pulling up or learning how to make a piece-together
7th Lesson: Plate, learn how to make a plate
8th Lesson: Finishing touches - trimming, piecing together, attaching

$80 Introductory Lesson includes set up, instruction, clay, and bisque firing, approximately 1 hour long
$120 Pottery Wheel Throwing for 2: For those wanting to try it out, includes set up, instruction, and bisque firing. Apporx. 1.5 hours
***One-on-one or 2 people at a time only; sorry but we do NOT offer group pottery wheel throwing.
Walk-in Wheel Trials for $35 between 11am-2pm Wed, Thurs, and Fri through Oct. No appointment necessary! Last about 20-30 minutes, make a bowl with instruction

*Weekly private pottery wheel lessons are available.
Email to schedule for pottery wheel throwing

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Join in on the fun for one class or many; kids have a blast exploring their creative side!

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Pottery Wheel Throwing Lessons For Adults

Adult Painting and Special Technique Classes 2015

- Classes are all-inclusive, no additional cost. BYOB ~fridge available
See our Facebook page, call, or email for current schedule and availability.

Minimum of 4 painters required to keep class open ~ Tell your friends!

Themed Painting Classes $40- 1st and 3rd Fridays of Every Month
Step-by-step pottery painting class includes full instruction, pottery piece, studio cost, supplies, firing, and tax. Each class will explore a variety of glaze application techniques in a step-by-step fashion to make following the design very simple! Go with the given color scheme or develop your own from over 75 glaze colors! You can personalize each piece to match your d├ęcor! And the best part is, it's Functional! Flower vases, platter, serving bowls, trays, and more. Some class themes are: MU design, Moonlit silhouette design, Chevron Platter, Starry Night, Floral patterns, and more!

Color Spinner Art! 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month
See the first photo below! Spin your colors on and watch them fly! This is a Can't-Go-Wrong Design ~ It Always turns out Awesome! Add stamps, stencils, sgraffito, puff "paint" bottles, or paint with bubbles to further personalize your color spinner creation.

Melting Crystals: Specialty Glazes 101- $35 Thursday, April 16th: Vases and Thursday May 28th: Mugs from 6pm-8pm
Get the low-down on the coolest glazes around! The ins and outs of how to make crystal glazes, and your pottery, POP! ***Get 3 or more friends together and schedule this class at your convenience

Mosaic- $35 Schedule a mosaic class for you and some friends or just for yourself! Glue bits and pieces onto a form to create a colorful work of art. Comes with a take-home grout kit and instructions. -OR- BYO(M)B: Bring Your Own Mosaic Blank! Bring in an old chair, table, tray, or frame and use our studio and supplies to turn that trash into art! ~$15 for most BYOMBs grout kit sold separately.

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***All classes are subject to change and cancellation. Email or Call to register and check availability in class. Group registration is available!

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