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The Mud Room offers a variety of classes including Pottery Wheel Throwing Lessons, Kids' Classes, and Adult Classes.

Adult Painting and Pottery Making Classes ~ Photos of Class examples are available via Facebook, email, or in-studio

BYOB ~fridge available ~ Top Ten Wines next door!
See our Facebook page for more photos and call or email to register for a day and time of your choice

Any of these classes can be scheduled Anyday between 9am-9pm for individuals or groups! A 4 person minimum is required for classes scheduled after 4pm. Pottery cost starts at $16 and up

Tree Silhouette 10" Platter Step-by-step pottery painting class! Each person's piece turns out unique AND you can use it as a functional Plate or Coaster Set! $25 + Pottery cost

Leaf Serving Bowl or platter from Clay $85 Step-by-step instruction on how to make a gorgeous Leaf-textured bowl from clay. Slab and slump mold construction. Easy and fun for anyone, even with no prior clay experience! Each bowl or platter will have a unique shape! Includes: instruction, 3 lbs of clay, bisque firing, return glazing session, and glaze firing. 2 sessions. Schedule your own Time for 4 or more people. Glazing session includes instruction on a wash technique to best bring out the leaf design

Multi-Color Clay Bowl $75 Learn to make a bowl or vase from a mix of red and white clay. Use various instructed techniques to create interesting and beautiful patterns! This project is clear glazed to bring out the striking contrast between the different colored clays. This project does not require you to come back for glazing and the cost includes both firings! Schedule a class for 4 or more people

Specialty Glazes 101: Melting Crystals Crystal speckle and Specialty glazes melt and "burst" with color during the firing. We will show you several tricks to applying specialty glazes that make them come out Amazing, no matter your skill level! Learn about specialty glazes and create a professional looking masterpiece! $20 per person plus pottery cost ($20 pottery minimum).

Marble-Glazed Platter $85
Instruction and help with design planning to make a large, elegant Marbled Platter that will surely bring lots of compliments your way!

Hand Print Workshops: Make an appointment 11am-6pm Saturdays and Sundays Help with prints and Design Planning. Make this one count! Get help with tiny handprints from a professional hand printer! See in-studio examples of finished projects. Then DIY and Get tips on design planning, spacing, lettering, and more! -OR- purchase a professional custom painting order done by one of our talented artsits!

Color Spinner Art! Great for All Ages! Schedule a class for yourself or a group at your convenience!
See the first photo below! Spin your colors on and watch them fly! This is a Can't-Go-Wrong Design ~ It Always turns out Awesome! Add stamps, stencils, sgraffito, writing, or paint with bubbles to further personalize your color spinner creation. Great for plates, tiles, bowls and some mugs and vases. $15 per person + pottery cost ($20 pottery minimum)

To Register: Call 573-441-1683 ~ email ~ or come in.
All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable and due upon registration (we will not issue store credit for cancellations and no-shows). Gift cards for walk-in pottery painting may not be used towards classes. All classes are subject to change. Email or Call to register and check availability in class. Group registration is available!

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Classes for Kids!

***Kids will have a blast exploring their creative side!

Lots of FUN Classes that you can schedule by appointment!
Check out our Facebook event page for dates, details, and example photos on the step-by-step pottery painting and pottery making classes we have available!

Handprint Plaque from clay $35
A keepsake that will last lifetimes! Make a handprint impression in clay and then decorate it with fun designs and stamp in your name! Makes a great gift! Schedule this class with the pottery instructor via email Clay requires up to 4 weeks drying and bisque firing time. After it is bisque fired it can be glaze and glaze fired for $10 or take home and paint it with acrylics to add color!

Hand Print Keepsake Plates $40
Step by step instructions on how to make a cute handprint keepsake plate! Custom lettering of Name and Year included. Lots of examples and designs to choose from! Makes a great gift!

Pottery Wheel Lesson for Kids $30
Sept. 7th and Sept. 23rd between 11am and 3pm, aslo Sept 5th and Sept 12th 1-5pm. Discounted lesson includes one 30 min. session with step-by-step instruction, all supplies, and bisque firing. Come back for a 2nd session of painting with glaze and glaze firing for $8 or paint at home with out firing.

Kids' Clay Pumpkin making class $30 Oct. 5th
Step-by-step instructions on how to make a 2 piece lidded pumpkin jar out of clay. A parent is encouraged to help children under 6. Includes 1 session, instruction, supplies, and bisque firing. You may return for a 2nd painting session to paint with glaze and have your piece fired a 2nd time to a shiny glazed finish for $10 (one painter).

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Pottery Wheel Throwing Lessons: All ages welcome! Pottery piece guaranteed!

Our skilled instructor will walk you through the steps to create your own bowl on the pottery wheel in a one on one lesson! It's a fun and memorable experience! Lessons are scheduled individually or for up to 4 people consecutively ~ Choose a pre-made piece to paint while you wait! Masks are required for all ages at this time.

Full Pottery Wheel Lesson $65
Includes 2 sessions. 1st session is scheduled on dates the pottery wheel is available, includes step-by-step, one on one, detailed instruction, tools, clay, and bisque firing, up to 1 hour wheel time. 2nd session: walk-in within 6 months after bisque firing to paint your bowl with glaze and have it glaze fired.

Short Pottery Wheel Lesson $45
Includes 2 sessions: a scheduled lesson and a walk-in glazing session. Same information as Full lesson, except up to 30 minutes wheel time

Pottery Wheel Lesson for 2 people $120
Includes 2 sessions, a scheduled lesson session, and the return glazing session. See full lesson info. Schedule up to 4 people consecutively. Wheel time will be shortened per person.

4 consecutive weekly Lessons for 1 person: $220
Take 4 lessons to progress and learn new techniques each time. All return visits for glazing and glaze firing are included. Learn the basics of wheel throwing as well as full centering, strategies for pulling up and gaining more height, attaching pulled handles, 3 basic forms. Great for new ceramic artists looking to get into wheel throwing as a hobby or vocation. Scheduled during dates the pottery wheel is available. Full payment due on first lesson, unless approved for weekly payments by the instructor. No refunds or make-ups for missed lessons.

Kids' Pottery Wheel Lesson
Discounted Kids' pottery wheel lessons will be available for select dates. See our Facebook events for details or call us for dates. Kids' discounted pottery lessons include 1 session, the optional 2nd vistit, to paint glaze onto your pottery and have it glaze fired is $10.

Classes will be scheduled individually with the pottery instructor. The best way to schedule a lesson is to email, once a date and time has been set you can call or bring in your deposit to finalize the booking.

***Actual wheel time will vary depending on the person, the lesson is over when your piece is finished or the maximum time is up -overworking the clay leads to collapse! Lessons are one-on-one with the pottery instructor.
Deposit is required to schedule. No gift cards or coupons are accepted for pottery wheel lessons.

*Weekly private pottery wheel lessons are available based on your experience level. Pricing is arranged per individual as low as $30 per session. Email for more info and ask about weekly private pottery classes. 4 week minimum required to scheudle, full payment due on first lesson

-Bisque firing is the first firing that hardens clay before it can be painted with glaze and fired a 2nd time to a shiny glazed finish
-Clay requires adequate drying time before it can be bisque fired. Drying can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks before it can be bisque fired, longer if really thick. We will call you when your bowl has be bisque fired and is ready for painting. You may walk-in anytime during open hours for painting within 6 months after the date of the call (we will try to call with a 2nd and 3rd reminder, if needed). If you come for painting after 6 months the cost for painting glaze onto your piece and glaze firing is $10 (or pick up as is and paint at home with acrylic paint without firing) We will hold pottery wheel bowls for up to 8 months, after that we cannot guarantee to hold it any longer. Please communicate with us if you need additional hold time, we have been know to keep things for over several years if needed.

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Join in on the fun for one class or many; kids have a blast exploring their creative side!

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